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1 October 2020 - 2 October 2020
Online, Switzerland
Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland 2020

Video & Slides


Sadik Hafizovic

CEO & Co-founder, Zurich Instruments Ltd

Quantum Flagship

Tommaso Calarco

Forschungszentrum Jülich

An open quantum computer platform as a catalyst for applications 

Frank Wilhelm-Mauch

Saarland University 

Grow the Quantum Computing Ecosystem

Heike Riel

IBM Fellow, Senior Executive IBM Quantum Research Europe, IBM Research

Quantum Communication

Hannes Hübel

Senior Scientist, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Quantum sensors - challenges and opportunites

Thomas Strohm

Coordinator of Quantum Technologies, Robert Bosch GmbH

Sponsor's Pitch

Zurich Instruments GmbH


IBM Research GmbH

ID Quantique SA

Session A - Quantum Instrumentation

14:10 A Hardware-accelerated Control Solution Stack for High-qubit-count Systems [Marc Almendros, Technical Director Quantum Engineering Solutions, Keysight]

14:30 Quantum Orchestration - A New Era in Quantum Computing [Itamar Sivan, CEO, Quantum Machines]

14:50 Scaling up quantum computing control systems to 100 qubits and beyond [Jan Benhelm, CMO, Zurich Instruments]

Session B - Quantum Computing - Part 1 & 2

14:10 Towards Quantum Advantage in Optimization & Chemistry - New Application Stacks in Qiskit [Dr. Stefan Woerner, Global Technical Leader Quantum Finance & Optimization, IBM Research
Dr. Ivano Tavernelli
, Global Technical Leader Quantum Simulations, IBM Research ]

15.40 - 16.10: Exploring Quantum Machine Learning at CERN [Sofia Vallecorsa, AI and Quantum Research, CERN]

16.10 - 16.40: Quantum Natural Language Processing [Prof. Bob Coecke, prof. at University of Oxford, Head of QNLP at Cambridge Quantum Computing]

Programming a Quantum Computer - Hands on Tutorial

17.00 -18.00 : Introduction to Qiskit: Single and two qubit gates [James Wootton, qubit wrangler, IBM Research-Zurich]

18.00 -19.00 : Programming a Quantum Game [James Wootton, qubit wrangler, IBM Research-Zurich]

Write your first fun program and run it on a real Quantum Computer (IBM Q)

Part of the tutorial will require an IBM Quantum Experience account. Before the tutorial starts, please take 5 min to register at: https://quantum-computing.ibm.com/login. Thank you

Session C - Quantum-Safe Security - Part 1 & 2

14:10 Quantum proofing your organization : how can quantum technologies be integrated into a quantum-safe security infrastructure [Axel Foery,  EVP Quantum Safe Security, ID Quantique]

14.40 Commercial Post Quantum Safety solutions : uses cases and practical installations [Thomas Lebeth, Head of System Consultancy & Post Sales - Connectivity, Dacoso]

15.40 Quantum Key Distribution in the blockchain: Use case of the Quantum Vault [Sébastien Krafft, lead engineer, Mt Pelerin]

16:10 Data Center Interconnect [Jean-Sebastien Pegon , head of telecom market, ID Quantique]

Session D - Quantum Sensor - Part 1 & 2

14:10 The iqClock project and industry perspectives [Florian Schreck, University of Amsterdam, iqClock coordinator]

14:30 Integrated low loss SiN for quantum sensing [Michael Geiselmann, Managing Director, LIGENTEC SA]

14:50 Quantum Sensors at CSEM [Sylvain Karlen, Senior R&D Engineer, CSEM SA]

15:40 Epitaxial Technology of VCSELs and Photodetectors' Structures in Quantum Sensing Applications   [Jacek Strupiński, Business Developer, VIGO System]

16:10 Mastering photonics at the single-photon level [Félix Bussières, ID Quantique]

Industry Pitches

Revealing Magnetics at the Nanoscale [Gabriel Puebla Hellmann, QZabre]

Quantum Technologies @ CSEM [Jacques Haesler, CSEM SA]

Exploring advanced materials with Qnami Proteus Q [Mathieu Munsch, QnamiAG]

Session E - Entrepreneurship in Quantum Technologies

15:40 The Entrepreneur’s View [Jan Goetz, CEO, IQM Finland]

16:00 Kicking into high gear: building your own company ? [Jordi Montserrat, Venturekick]

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